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   20th ANNV. SALE
          Apr. 15 ~ 25, 2018 

▪ Lowest Price EVER, 10 Days Only.
▪ 20 Years Experience In Oxygen Supply
▪ M2C (Manufacturer to Customers)
▪ Service Centers in US,AU,CA,UK, MY ...
▪100% For Exports, CE/FDA/ISO Approved
▪ Security Payment Via Paypal,Creditcard
▪ 4-6
 Days to Arrive by DHL, Door-to-door
▪ 30-Day, 100% Money-back Guaranteed !
7 Yrs Warranty & Free Tech Support

Contact: Manager: Mr.Eric Zeng
Tel: +86 151 0596 4602
E-mail: info@oxy-concentrator.com
Add: No.38,Guan Ri Rd,Software Park,Xiamen 361008,CN
Skype: legend.medical


10LPM Medical Oxygen Concentrator JAY- 10L

10LPM Medical Oxygen Concentrator JAY- 10L
Retail Price:$1,738 Promo. Price:$998

How to use it?

Starting with morning to get those sluggish metabolic rates going, through out the day to stimulate brain activity and even eliminate hangovers and more importantly use at night to help improve sleeping patterns! 

This machine is ideal for regular daily use at home and medical oxygen supply for respiratory related diseases(COPD,Asthma,E
mphysema etc. ). The user can inhale the oxygen via a head-set or the nasal oxygen tube,then enjoy the great benefit of taking oxygen.

Oxygen therapy with oxygen concentrators is no longer expensive and inconvenient.It only cost several cents a day,and everyone can take oxygen for healthcare.


Where can it be used? 

This oxygen concentrator can be used at home,office,hospital,clinics, at work, on holiday, in a beauty SPA, at a School or College, a Retirement Home or even at hair dresser whilst you wait! Oxygen is recommended to be taken anywhere daily! 


Take oxygen to promote Good HEALTH.

Increased oxygen intake helps with:
> Energy Levels
> Stress & anxiety
> Detoxing the Blood
> Sleeping Patterns
> Boosts the immune system
And much more! 


Enjoy the great benefits of taking oxygen.

Increasing your oxygen supply daily can: Stimulate Brain Activity. Increase Memory Capacity. Boost Concentration. Develop Stronger Alertness. Raise Energy Levels. Improve Strength. Build Endurance. Detoxify Your Blood. Reduce Stress. Calm anxiety. Alleviate Tension Headaches. Remedy Irregular Sleeping Patterns. Help With Cardiovascular Activity. Prevent Lactic Acid Build Up. Strengthen the immune system. Revitalise the Skin. Ease Hangovers. Promote a Safer and darker Tan. 


1. Advanced PSA(Pressure Swing Adsorption)Technology.
2. Adjustable flow rate:0-10 L/min,oxygen concentration 90~96%.
3. Large LCD display for switch times,operating pressure,preset working time,accumulated working time.Presetting time from 10mins to 40hours.
4. Operation time presetting ,automatically stop when the preset time finish.
5. Components like molecular sieve,humidifier imported from USA.
6. Oxygen purity monitoring function available.
7. Automatic alarm system:power failture alarm;high&low pressure alarm;low purity alarm.
8. Technical parameters comply with international medical oxygen concentrator standard.

Indicating Lamp on the panel:

O.P.: Power switch(Green light)
P.F.: Power failture(Red light)
H.P.: High pressure(Red light)
L.P.: Low pressure(Yellow light)
H.T.: High temperature(Red light)
H.O2: Oxygen purity is above 85%(Green light)
L.O2: Oxygen purity is less than 82%(Red light)




Oxygen Flow     


Oxygen Concentration


Oxygen Pressure (Mpa)


Noise Level



AC220V±10%, 50/60±1Hz; AC110V±10%, 50/60±1Hz

Power Consumption


Timing System

Accumulated Time,Present Working Time,Presetting Time(10mins ~40H)

Alarming System

High&Low pressure alarm,Power failure alarm

Net Weight


Packing Size (mm)


Optional Functions

*Maintenance alarm: alarm actions after 3000 hours operation
*High temperature alarm:alarming when system temperature is above 50
*Low concentration alarm: oxygen concentration >82%, green light; concentration
<82% red light.
*Pulse oximeter:monitoring users' oxygen saturation.
*LCD display.


                 Safety Certifications:



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